Help fund the COURSE MODULE and SOCIAL LEARNING platform!

I hope you’ve enjoyed encountering Biblical Hebrew as a living language at and our YouTube channel

We are now hoping to implement a FREE online COURSE MODULE to make learning Biblical Hebrew (and related languages) as a living language even better!

As you can see in the video below, the online course module will allow you to proceed through our Biblical Hebrew video lessons with online activities and exercises in between them. This will allow you and/or your students to activate what they have learned from the immersion videos and test their knowledge. This will lead to a much more thorough and proficient language-learning experience.

In addition to the online course module, we are also hoping to implement a SOCIAL LEARNING platform for an online language COMMUNITY. Language is a team sport, and this way we can approach it as a team together online!

More than mere forums, the social learning platform will facilitate interaction between language learners in a format similar to social networking platforms. This will allow private messaging, the creating of groups, user posts, etc.

For teachers, the social learning platform can be extremely helpful. Those teaching Biblical Hebrew as a living language regularly encounter two problems: (i) not knowing how to say something in Biblical Hebrew and (ii) struggling to come up with good classroom exercises to teach a particular topic in Biblical Hebrew. The social learning platform will allow teachers (including myself) to interact and about these things.

Of course, implementing both the online course module and the social learning platform has a significant cost. What I am asking for in this campaign is merely to cover the base infrastructure costs for the learning module and the social learning platform. I am not factoring in any labor time.

Just know that any donation you can give will help make these Biblical Hebrew learning tools available for FREE to ALL!

For any questions, do not hesitate to make contact below: