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How We Teach Language

Immersion Method

We teach all our language courses in the target language so that you do not have to depend on English or other “meta”-languages.

Online Learning

Use the online course module to proceed through each of our language courses, step by step. And interact with others on the platform!


BiblicalHebrew.com offers its language-learning resources for FREE so that people everywhere around the world can enjoy them without cost!

About Me

I'm Benjamin Kantor. I'm a Hebrew Scholar.

My name is Benjamin Kantor and I currently work as a Research Associate in Biblical Hebrew Philology at the University of Cambridge. I am also a co-author of the forthcoming Oxford Grammar of Biblical Hebrew. I received my Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible from the University of Texas at Austin and my B.A. in Classical Studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

While I love writing and research, I also have a passion for teaching Biblical Hebrew as a real and living language.

Course Structure

How You Will Learn

Immersion Video Lessons

You begin each unit with an intuitive video designed to teach you the language ALL IN HEBREW.

Online Exercises

After each immersion video lesson, you will proceed through a series of online activities to practice.

Fluency-Building Cartoons

Build your Hebrew fluency by watching dramatic cartoons of biblical stories ALL IN HEBREW.

Reading Practice

You will begin learning to read simple words from the first unit. Work your way up to read the Bible.

Why Learn Hebrew with Us

Gain Real Proficiency in Biblical Hebrew

Conversation from the First Lesson

From the very first lesson, you will begin learning basic conversational phrases in Biblical Hebrew.

Hear, Speak, Read, and Write

Get all “four strands” of the language! You will learn to hear, understand, speak, read, and write Biblical Hebrew.

Read for Fun! Don't decode!

You can learn the language so well that you can sit back, relax, and read for fun! You don't need dictionaries, grammars, etc.

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Online Exercises

Progress and Achievements

Always growing ...

BiblicalHebrew.com was launched in October 2022. We have been building more and more resources and adding more and more features every month. All of this to help you learn Hebrew and related languages!

Join the online learning community and check back regularly to see more video lessons, online exercises, and more!

Popular questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled answers to some of the most common questions about learning Hebrew, our pronunciation, and licensing. Browse the accordion to the right for some of the most common questions, or click below to see our full page of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).  

BiblicalHebrew.com makes every effort to offer ALL of its digital language learning resources for FREE. BiblicalHebrew.com relies on the support of generous givers to make this happen.

The Old Testament—or Hebrew Bible—was originally written in Biblical Hebrew, though a small percentage was also written in Biblical Aramaic. By learning the original languages of the Bible, one becomes equipped for deeper study. Whether the ultimate goal is translation, academic research, teaching, preaching, or personal understanding, learning the original languages of the Bible is well worthwhile.

To put it simply, BiblicalHebrew.com uses a typical “modern” (or Sephardic) pronunciation of Biblical Hebrew but with a number of more authentically “biblical” features implemented therein, such as pharyngeal gutturals, pharyngealized emphatics, and consonant gemination.

To begin learning Biblical Hebrew (and/or related languages), go to the ‘Courses’ page and click on the course you want. You can then proceed through each lesson in order for FREE!

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