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Brand and Logos

The symbols, logos, and brand trademarks of are copyrighted and not to be modified or used outside of the context of attribution or giving credit.

Audio Visual Resources

Language-learning videos and audio recordings may be freely downloaded, distributed, and used in other contexts under the relevant Creative Commons license.

Course Modules

The online course modules are free to use for personal study and in teaching, but (due to the interface) must be accessed online through the platform.

Creative Commons Licensing

What is Creative Commons licensing?

A global organization

Creative Commons (CC) is the most widely recognized free- and open-licensing scheme on the internet.

Free- and Open-Copyright Licenses

CC provides various open-copyright licenses: reuse with attribution, non-commercial, remixing permitted, etc.

Click to See License Permission

One click on the license link or icon next to a resource takes users to a simple and clear explanation of usage permissions.

Distribution of Educational Resources

Through clearly marked free- and open-licenses, CC provides educators with a wealth of free resources to use.

Common Questions

Frequently Asked questions

Absolutely! As long as you are not specifically charging money for the resources themselves, feel free to use as many of the resources as you like in your class.

Yes! For personal educational usage, feel free to download as much of the educational content on as you like. Note, however, that the exercises in the course modules must be accessed through

Yes! However, unlike personal use, there are a few restrictions. Distribution of downloaded resources is permitted as long as you follow the Creative Commons license requirements, which typically involve both attribution (to and the assurance that your usage is for non-commercial purposes.

If you would like to download the material on the website, please contact us via the SUPPORT page and we can send you the appropriate links for the resources you are looking to download.

Generally, the educational resources on are under a CC BY-NC-SA ‘Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike’ license. This means that essentially all of the educational content on can be downloaded, reused, repurposed, and built upon, as long as (1) is credited, (2) the purpose is non-commercial, and (3) the new creations are licensed with the same terms. Note, however, that site branding, such as the logo, etc., does not have an open license. Note also that the course modules and the exercises must be accessed through

For each educational resource, there should be a link or icon to a particular Creative Commons (CC) license. Click this to see the details of the license and what sort of reuse is permitted. Note that in the case of video resources, the link to the license may be in the video description, whether on YouTube and/or in the description specific to

As noted above, most resources fall under the CC BY-NC-SA ‘Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike’ license, which allows reuse and adaptation with attribution for non-commercial purposes when the new creation is licensed with the same terms.

However, when in doubt, click the Creative Commons license link or icon next to the resource.

By making all of our resources non-commercial, it allows us to make use of the greatest selection of resources ourselves. Because provides these resources under an open license, fewer restrictions apply to what sort of material we can make use of in producing our educational resources. Indeed, in some cases, we adapt resources that themselves prohibit reuse for commercial purposes. In other cases, we may make use of copyrighted material that has an exception for non-commercial and/or educational resources. Therefore, by offering all of our material for free under a non-commercial license, we ensure that such licenses are honored.